7 Tips for Roof Cleaning

Our roofs are an important part of our homes. They keep the home safe from the elements and ensure the interior of our homes are comfortable. However, roofs are often forgotten. That is until they are damaged and begin causing problems in the interior of the home. Cleaning your roof regularly will help to prevent damage. Roofs are especially susceptible to damage from the accumulation of moss. While those thick green patches on your roof may appear attractive, they can cause a nuisance. Moss will result in the accumulation of moisture in certain spots on your roof. At R’n’D Window and Gutter Cleaning, we’ve helped many homeowners maintain their roofs through regular cleaning. Below we discuss the best way to remove moss from roof.

Tips for the Best Way to Clean a Roof

1. Use a bleach solution

The best way to kill moss on a roof is by using a solution of equal parts of chlorine and water. You don’t need special bleach for this. Regular laundry strength chlorine bleach will do the job. The solution is especially great for cleaning asphalt shingles. Simply spray the roof with the solution and allow it to sit on the surface of the roof for about 20 minutes before you rinse it off with clean water.

2. Use water at low pressure

Many people think that they need to use water at high pressure to remove moss from their roofs. However, using water at high pressure will damage your roof. It could loosen the shingles and penetrate the roof and cause serious damage. The best way to clean a roof is by applying the cleaning solution at low pressure. Allow the cleaning solution to soak and kill the moss.

3. Have patience

Many homeowners want to see immediate results from cleaning their roofs. However, if you want to preserve the integrity of your roof, it is best to apply the cleaning solution and wait. Don’t expect the moss to come off the roof when you rinse with clean water. The cleaning solution is the best way to kill moss on a roof. The dead moss will wash away with subsequent rain storms or loosen, dry up and be blown away. This is in fact the easiest way to remove moss from roof.

4. Cover up the landscaping

Although the bleach solution is effective at killing moss, It will also affect other biological matter, this includes the plants surrounding your home. It can therefore damage the greenery growing close to your house. It is important to cover the greenery with plastic covers during the cleaning process. You should also give your plants and bushes a rinse after rinsing the bleach solution off the roof.

5. Clean on a cloudy day

Many people mistakenly believe that it is best to clean on a sunny day. However, strong sunshine will result in the bleach solution evaporating too quickly. This will limit its effectiveness. You should instead clean your roof on a cloudy day. Choose a day when the wind is not blowing and there is no precipitation.

6. Pay attention to safety

Cleaning your roof is a risky job. It means getting up to great heights. There is a big risk of slipping and falling off the roof and suffering serious injuries. You can ensure your safety by seeking the services of a professional contractor. The team at R’n’D Window and Gutter Cleaning is experienced at roof cleaning. We adhere to the highest standards of safety. We will ensure safety on site.

7. Trim back overhanging branches

Moss thrives in shady and damp environments. It is therefore important to trim back the overhanging branches and expose your roof to as much sunlight as possible. This will help to keep your roof free from moss in the long term. You should also have your gutters cleaned to avoid water accumulating.

If you’re searching for the best way to remove moss from roof, you should contact R’n’D Window and Gutter Cleaning. We are experienced in cleaning roofs. We will provide you with the best way to clean a roof and achieve effective results that you can enjoy for a long time. We offer you the easiest way to remove moss from roof.