How Often Should Gutters be Cleaned?

Gutters are one of those parts of the home that we barely pay attention to. But this doesn’t make them any less important. While they may seem insignificant, gutters play a vital role in protecting the foundation of our homes. They prevent runoff water from collecting at the foundation of our homes and causing water seepage and other structural problems. It is therefore important to ensure that gutters are working efficiently. One way of doing this is by cleaning them. This prevents the accumulation of debris that can interfere with the flow of water. You may now be wondering how often to clean gutters. Read on to find out.

How often should You Clean Your Gutters?

In general, we at R’n’D Window and Gutter Cleaning advise property owners to clean their gutters at least twice a year. However, you may have to clean your gutters more often especially if you have a lot of foliage near your house. There are some homeowners we have advised to clean their gutters once every three months.

If you want to determine how often should your gutters be cleaned, you should carry our regular inspections of your gutters. If you have many trees on your compound, you can have a member of our team inspect the gutters for you every three months to determine how often they ought to be cleaned. We can plan a cleaning schedule that is tailored to meet your property’s specific needs and requirements.

Considering the weather

When you want to determine how often should your gutters be cleaned, you will also need to consider other factors such as the weather conditions in your area. When there is heavy rainfall, the runoff will carry a mixture of clutter and debris into your gutter. This will cause your gutters to become clogged. Runoff water will accumulate at the foundation of your home and wreak havoc on your home’s structure.

This situation is also seen in areas with heavy snowfall. When the snow begins to melt, it will carry debris with it into the gutter. This can also cause the gutters to become clogged.

If a season of poor weather is approaching, you should have your gutters inspected and cleaned. You may also want to have your roof cleaned to get rid of debris that can be swept into the gutters. This will ensure your gutters continue to function at optimum when they are needed most.

If you have many trees on your compound, you may also want to consider having the foliage trimmed back before the poor weather conditions begin. This will help to reduce the amount of debris deposited on the roof that can be swept into the gutters.

More than just a foundation problem

Many of us are familiar with the role that gutters play to protect foundations. However, not many of us know that dirty gutters can also create a pest problem. Filthy gutters can be home to a wide range of pests that will wreak havoc in the home below.

Stagnant water in flooded and clogged gutters offers the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Carpenter ants will appreciate the collection of damp debris in your gutters and set up camp in your gutters. Other pests such as mice will also find your clogged gutters to be the ideal breeding environment.

It is therefore important to consider pest infestations when trying to figure out the answer to the question of ‘how often should you clean your gutters.’ If you have pests or have noticed an increase in pests within your home, you should have your entire home inspected. This includes your gutters. If your gutters are dirt, ensure that you have them cleaned. This is true even if there are no signs of pests in your gutters. Leaving your gutters dirty for too long will only give pests even more time to establish themselves.

Professional gutter cleaning services

Many homeowners, when considering the question ‘how often should you clean gutter’, are often put off by the idea of having to climb a ladder to clean their gutters. The good news is that you don’t have to do the work by yourself. The team at R’n’D Window and Gutter Cleaning will get the job done for you. Contact us now to learn more.