Winter Roof

Roof Cleaning 101: How to Safely Clean Your Roof in Winter

Does your roof need to be cleaned? It isn’t uncommon for many homeowners to leave their roofs out of their regular property maintenance routines. Many only remember their roofs when there are signs of damage. Regular roof cleaning will help you avoid costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your roof. If you’re considering hiring roof cleaning and roof gutter cleaning services, you probably already know the importance of having your roof cleaned regularly. However, you may be wondering whether you should wait until summer to clean your roof. Below we take a look at how you can clean your roof safely in winter.

Roof Cleaning in Winter

You’ve heard it said before: the best time to clean your roof is in warm weather with overcast skies. An overcast, windy, and warm day offers the ideal conditions in which to clean your roof and ensure drying. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t clean your roof at other times of the year. Cleaning your roof during winter is important to protect your roof from damage as a result of accumulated snow and freezing water.

Debris on your roof during winter will act as a point where snow and ice will collect on your roof. This can cause increased pressure on your roof structures and cause damage. The streaks caused by mold, algae, and mildew also tend to form more quickly if they are not addressed in winter.

If it is winter now and your roof needs to be cleaned, a professional roof and rain gutter cleaning service can help to ensure that your roof is cleaned safely.

Inspect the roof

The first and most important step in cleaning your roof during winter is to have your roof inspected. Both the exterior and interior of the roof should be inspected for signs of damage including water stains, leaking pipes, and damaged shingles. These problems should be addressed before cleaning the roof to avoid causing further damage.

Clean the gutters

Your gutters are important for directing water away from the foundation of your home. Dirty gutters will encourage the accumulation of snow and the formation of ice dams during winter. These will damage both the gutters and your roof. In addition, runoff water from molten snow will be deposited at your home’s foundation and cause damage to the foundation. Cleaning your gutters is important for the protection of your home.

Rake the snow off the roof

If there is a lot of snow collected on your roof, a roof rake ought to be used to remove the snow. Snow is heavy and increases the weight of your roof structure. This can result in damage to your roof’s structure.

Trim back landscaping

Overhanging branches can deposit broken twigs and leaves on your roof, contributing to the debris accumulated on your roof. These branches can also deposit snow on your roof during winter. You must trim back your trees to prevent roof damage from snapped branches too.

Apply cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions can then be applied to the roof. These solutions may include treatments such as mold or anti-algae treatments to kill and deter the growth of these contaminants. Cleaning solutions should be applied carefully to avoid damaging the roof. Pay close attention to areas with stubborn dirt or that show signs of algae or mold growth.

Cleaning your roof is not a DIY job. It is especially risky in winter when surfaces are wet and slippery. The risk of falling and suffering a serious injury is higher in winter. For your safety, it is best to seek roof and gutter cleaning services that have experienced technicians and the right equipment to carry out the job safely.